Drying Tomatoes

canidates for drying

Drying tomatoes is easy to do. The are usually cut thin, spread out on a sheet or rack and dried at a very low temperature. I've provided links to other sites. I would just add to them that, when choosing tomatoes to dry, one should preferably choose paste or plum varieties. You can certainly dry any kind of tomato but you'll get better results when choosing varieties that are less watery and have more "meat" to them (since tomatoes are better than 90% water anyway).

Drying will intensify the flavors present. So even though some varieties dont have much meat to them, they might have a desirable flavor when dried. Principe Borghese, for instance, doesnt have much meat to it but the dried flavor is very intense.

a few varieties suitable for drying:
Principe Borghese
San Marzano
Italian Gold
"beefstake" varieties also work.

Below are a few links describing how to dry tomatoes. The first link is the most helpful.

How to dry & use your Principe Borghese Tomato
Drying Tomatoes for Stewing
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