F2 Data from Hybrid 09H16

segregating F2 line

Hybrid 09H16 was an intentional cross between two large tomatoes with good flavor and some potential disease resistance to a unique line with a "Ailsa Craig' background that contained the apricot gene, high pigment (increased caroteniod levels) and green stripes (LA3399 from The Charles M. Rick Tomato Genetics Resource Center). The combination was made to obtain a range of novel types and to get the apricot gene expressed in a larger and better tasting line than currently found with the few available true apricot lines in gene banks. Any disease resistance from the 'Big Beef' parent, such as verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt race 1 and race 2, alternaria stern canker, stemphylium (gray leaf spot), nematodes (root knot) or tobacco mosaic virus, will be serendipitous.


The Apricot Gene "at"

typical apricot fruit with blush in center

The apricot gene is a unique flesh gene that was originally discovered at a market in Mexico on a collection trip. The fruit stood out from the other types around it. Its origin or line it was derived from was not known. Other than mapping and a few tester lines I do not believe this gene was ever used to develop a line that has been released.

Apricot is very similar in carotenoid composition to yellow fleshed fruit but segregates independently of that gene. Fruit color varies from yellow to orange but most fruits are a yellowish-orange color and usually have a blush of pink in the center. Prescense of the apricot gene can been differentiated from other yellow or orangish tomatoes that have a blush in the center (from the bicolor or ry gene) usually by its unique lighter colored flower petals.

Picture from TGRC

Parents of the Cross

(Purple Haze 03-1 X Big Beef) X LA3399 (apricot, high pigment-1, green stripe)


F1 Parent Fruit

F1 Parent Fruit Interior


Data for 09H16 F2 lines
  color gs pigment leaf weight g shape habit images alt images  
09H16-01 at gs 80 heart l plum/pointed fine leaf type
09H16-02 + +   pl 150 beef s     some catfacing, few seed poor flavor
09H16-03 + + pl beef s small beefstake, fasc, tart
09H16-04 + +     38 hi round s     carrot leaf, u, sm frt, tall, slightly pointed
09H16-05 pink gs 56 plum l clear skin w/gold stripes, very upright habit
09H16-06 at gs+     90 round   16_6   early, green shouldered, nice set
09H16-07 + gs+ hp pl 34 plum s 16_7 *, green gel, fruity taste
09H16-08 pink +     94 hi round m     one branch looks pink, other yellow skinned, el
09H16-09 + + pear   red, runt, hp type?
09H16-10 + gs+     94 heart m     very open habit, fasciated, blah taste
09H16-11 + gs+ 100 beef heavy set, fasciated, upright foliage
09H16-12* pink gs+     52 hi round l 16_12   few seed, long pointed plum, hp+?, open vigorous plant
09H16-13 at gs 56 round m 16_13 beefstake, round & plum. Yellow skin, fine foliage type
09H16-14 + gs+     100 beef m     *, ok flavor
09H16-15 + + 229 beef m upright foliage, u, fasciated
09H16-16 + gs+     40 beef       small beefstake
09H16-18 at gs hp pl 73 pear s 16_18 runt, el
09H16-19 + gs+ hp   66 plum m 16_19 16_19int heavy set, strange stripe, bicolor flesh
09H16-20 + gs+ 28 plum s compact, el, pointed
09H16-21 + +       round s     small plant/died early
09H16-22 at gs+ 90 plum s 16_22 small plant/died early, grape, lt green, el
09H16-23 + gs+     87 beef s     small beefstake fruit. spotty ripening
09H16-24 + gs+ plum s late, plum/cherry
09H16-25 + gs+   pl   round m     very upright, tight habit
09H16-26 + + pl 28 hi round s cherry/plum, hi round type, green shoulders, fine foliage, heavy set
09H16-28 + gs hp     hi round s     egg shape
09H16-29 + gs+ 150 beef s carrot foliage, upright
09H16-30 + +       round m     u shoulder, large plant heavy set
09H16-32 + + hi round l died early
09H16-33 + gs     150 beef l 16_33 16_33int large plant, meaty, bicolor flesh?, dark carrot foliage
09H16-35 + gs+ 94 round l dark foliage hp+?, curling
09H16-37 + +     150 beef m     heavy set, rough shoulders
09H16-38 at + varies m hi round to beefstake fruit, clear skin
09H16-39 + gs+ hp             heavy set
09H16-41 + gs pl beef 16_41 *, u,heavy set, small beefstake
09H16-42 at +     85 beef   16_42 16_42int upright, fine foliage, fasciated, boat shape
09H16-44 + gs hp 92 round 16_44 small fruit, red + gold stripe
09H16-46 + gs+     45 hi round       plum, el
09H16-47 + gs 100 round l 16_47 heavy set, hp+?


+ = "normal" or "wild type"
gs+ = heterozygous or intermediate form
hp = high pigment
pl = potato leaf form
s, m, l = small medium or large plant habit


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