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Can there be a perfect tomato?

I'm not sure there could be for everyone. Everybody has a differnet opinion about what they think a tomato should taste or look like. Some varieties do better than others overall, and some do better in one or more certain characteristics. I'd like to add your opinions to this page, but for now, here are some of my p ersonal tomato favorites based on flavor, yield and resistance to pests. With so many varieties to choose from, I'm still looking for my favorite!

Celebrity - A red round tomato that has always done well for me. Widely adapted, it has good resistance to diseases and yields well. A hybrid.

Sweet Quartz - A really unique tasting and sweet pink cherry type. Japanese hybrid.

Yellow Brandywine - It's taste stands out to me for a yellow tomato. Open pollinated

Sioux - a red tomato that always yielded well for me in my hot Kansas gardens when others didn't.

Early Girl - dependable early season tomato. Always did better for me than Early Cascade. Always had good yields stretched out over the entire season. Hybrid

My Other Favorites:
I certainly haven't tried every variety but here are others that I like for flavor.

Bisignano #2
Cherokee Green
Cow's Tit
George O'brien
German Johnson
Lucky Cross
Ozark Pink
Pruden's Purple
San Marzano
Sugar Lump
Sun Gold
Sweet 100
Sweet Quartz

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