Welcome to The Online Tomato Vine. Creators of exceptional tomatoes.
Our goal is simple, tomatoes that taste good. We use a variety of heirloom, vintage and standard lines to create award winning lines that stand out above others.
These are not your average store bought or garden tomatoes!

Many lines are crossed and tested to find the right combination of acid, sweetness, texture and aroma that make one go "wow!" when they bite into one. Others are created to give a unique presentation for chefs and those who want to impress.

Open Pollinated Varieties  


Derived from a cross of 'Brandywine' X 'Cherokee Purple'. Though later and  lower yielding than the other lines, this one was chosen for one consistent quality - excellent flavor.   Plants are regular leafed and indeterminate. 8-12 oz fruits are pink -red, green shouldered. 80-85 days  

Gary'O Sena

A pink-purple line derived from the 'Brandywine' X 'Cherokee Purple' cross. These wonderfully flavored, large, capable of more than 1 lb.,  fruits have the characteristics and qualities of Cherokee Purple on  vigorous, indeterminate, potato leafed plants. Plants set well and produce rather early for such large sized fruits (70-75 days). First fruits have been recorded as early as 68 days.  Click image for interior view.

Bear Creek

A "black" slicer line also derived from an heirloom parents cross. Full flavored, 8-12oz med-large fruits on vigorous, indeterminate, regular leafed vines. About (75 days). Named after Jim and Robbins Hail's Ozark Farm where they were developed. 

Liz Birt

Named for an autism advocate who's story is told in the book Evidence of Harm. This line is a Brandywine type with more of an acid bite due to the excellent seed set. Potato leafed plants are productive with pink-red fruits of the 8-12 oz range. 70-75 days.

Hybrid Varieties

Purple Haze


A stunningly beautiful purple-pink, large cherry sized fruit. This cross incorporates Black Cherry, Brandywine and Cherokee Purple in a successful effort to improve the flavor of Black Cherry. Great tasting fruits are sweeter and larger than Black Cherry, about 2-3 oz. Plants are super productive, early, indeterminate and regular leafed. 68 days.  Click image for interior view.

Purple Haze and it's parent lines

Coming Soon!

Purple Haze based tomatoes that produce anthocyanin pigments
for more antioxidants and a deep purple look with Purple Haze flavor.

Update Page for the Purple Tomato Project

Variegated foliage varieties of various colors

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